Baby Room - Staff Ratio 1:3

At Kidz Inc. we care for 6 Babies from 3 – 12 months. We believe that regular feeding, changing and
sleeping are only a small part of a baby's needs. We ensure all of "our" babies are each given
constant individual attention and physical contact, singing, talking, hugging and cuddling. Staff work
with parents to ensure that when your baby starts, their routine is as unchanged as much as possible
and is child led. As your baby grows and develops, we will ensure that your baby's routine changes
with their needs. Our experienced and qualified staff will work in conjunction with parents and can be
used as a source of advice on any developmental or health issue that parents may have. We provide
you with a Daily Report book detailing all food/drinks, sleep, nappy-changing, play and learning
activities, behaviour and any necessary medical administration.

The Sleep room offers a calm atmosphere where your baby can nap as and when they need. The Baby
room itself provides a colourful and stimulating environment. There is a range of age appropriate toys
and equipment which will meet every baby's overall developmental needs in the cosy environment.
We provide the following:

      We ask parents to provide: