Medical Policy:

We are aware that you as parents lead busy demanding lives and have additional stress and pressure
when your child is sick. However, we know that you understand the importance of adhering to this
medical policy, as the ongoing health and safety of all our children and staff is of paramount
importance to all of us.

Parents must always agree to collect their child or arrange to have their child collected by a
pre-elected relative or friend if being requested to do so by Kidz Inc staff.

Children with contagious conditions may not attend Kidz Inc. until the relevant number of days for
exclusion have elapsed.

Children with a high temperature, i.e. over 37 Degrees may not attend Kidz Inc.

Children under 2 years of age may occasionally present with a high temperature which may be
"tooth" related. Staff will inform parents if this is the case and will administer Calpol or similar