Montessori Room: Ratio 1 : 8

Dr Maria Montessori devised a method of early childhood education which was specifically designed to
meet the basic needs of the child and help develop the child as a total human being. We aim to ensure
that your child's time with us is as enjoyable as possible while at the same time preparing them for
“big school”. Although we have a structured curriculum in place the Montessori teacher works with
each child at their own individual pace in order to meet the needs of their specific personality. In
addition, this helps to maximize their potential cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.
We take a limited number of After School Children up to the age of 7. We provide you with a Daily
Report book detailing all food/drinks, sleep, play and learning activites, behaviour and any necessary
medical administration.

Children do NOT need to be toilet trained before they enter the Montessori room.
We provide:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Fruit Snack
  3. A hot nutritional meal at lunch time
  4. Afternoon tea

You provide: