Tweenie Room: Staff Ratio: 1 : 5

We care for 10 “Tweenies” aged between 1 and 2 years. Tweenies love to discover and explore the
world around them using all their senses. For a Tweenie every day is a wonderful adventure and at
Kidz Inc. we encourage "our" Tweenies to explore, while providing a safe and trusting environment.
Our curriculum provides the stimulation and excitement necessary for a happy, healthy Tweenie to
thrive. Although there is a structured curriculum, we believe that all learning and activities should be
child led. Staff continuously work to build a bond and trust with each child to promote successful
development and self esteem. We provide you with a Daily Report book detailing all food/drinks,
sleep, nappy-changing, play and learning activities, behaviour and any necessary medical

We provide:

      1. Breakfast
      2. A fruit snack
      3. A hot nutritional meal at lunch time
      4. Afternoon tea

You provide: